Judith Hadad - Photographer

You don't take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

Judith Haddad – Tram in Snow

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A tram moving on its way in the snow covered track. The city is enveloped with snow all around and vehicles are finding their way through the snow covered streets.

Judith Haddad Traveling in Train

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It was a great experience traveling in the train with snow all around. The train is chugging down the hill with clouds of snow all around.

Judith Haddad Camping with Friends

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It is a great time to camp around with friends during the winter vacation. I often meet up with them for a great expedition.

Judith Haddad – Telephone Booth

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The London telephone kiosk painted in red. They are great antiques and symbolizes the heritage of London.

Judith Haddad – Winter in London

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This is the famous Big Ben covered in snow during the winter. It is the main attraction of England.

Judith Haddad Wolf

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A couple of wolfs relaxing on the snow before hunting. They are most cunning and ferocious beast in this world.

Judith Haddad – Tiger in the Snow

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This is the beast that stays in all weather. The most ferocious and ruling the world, the big cat is the great piece on the snow.

Judith Haddad Loves to Skii

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This is me skiing during my winter vacation. I often visit the place during this season.

Judith Haddad – Snow Park

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The snow covered park near to my home. I often visit there during the morning to take the fresh air.

Judith Haddad – Snow Owl

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A complete white owl flying low on the ice. The color contrast is such that it has been camouflaged in the snow.

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